Dog Accessories and Special Products an “Outdoorsy” Dog Owner Should Buy


One of the really great things about having a dog for a pet is that you usually get “someone” to go places with. A dog is very energetic and it actually enjoys physical activities; daily walks are a must in maintaining its health. Plus, there are certain breeds that are really cut out for outdoor activities, which makes them great workout buddies.

If you’re an outdoorsy dog owner and you enjoy taking your dog with you when you’re working out or going on adventures, there are dog accessories that you really should buy. By having these, you can make your outdoor explorations more convenient and fun. Rounded up below are five products your dog should have.       

  1. Flexi Vario tape leash – This retractable dog leash is durable and long. Your dog can run freely ahead of you when it’s excitedly checking out a spacious location. Other advantages with this doggie accessory are: it’s very comfortable to hold, you can attach it to your bike if you’re opting to ride instead of run, and it’s easy to tuck away when you want Spot to roam free.
  2. Glow in the dark doggie collar – If you like to work out at night and bringing your dog with you is a must, a glow-in-the-dark collar will allow you to see where it goes, especially when you let it run on its own. In a crowd, you surely will not have any problem spotting it.
  3. Durable ID tags – Every dog that spends a lot of time outdoors should have a great-looking and durable ID tag. Getting lost is always a possibility for dogs that are allowed to run wild and free. A dog tag with a unique design and that can contain important information about the pup will make finding or returning a lost dog so much easier.
  4. Cleaning wipes – It’s important to disinfect your pup’s bowl, crate, carrier, and bedding, especially when you’re out. This will prevent diseases for your dog. Along with this, when you pack all your dog’s accessories, you can make sure that they won’t be stinking up where they’re stored or breeding harmful bacteria and germs on them. Highly recommended cleaning wipes are Savic Accessory cleaning wipes, which contain Byotrol, an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient that kills 99.99 percent of germs.
  5. Water dispenser – A water dispenser like Savic Aqua Boy that will make drinking completely sanitary for your dog is a smart buy. You can fill it up and store it in your bag when you head out, and refill it at a water fountain.